The Independent Living Center of Eastern Indiana

The Independent Living Center of Eastern Indiana

Independent Living Products

Cushions, Pillows, and Accessories

Cushions are the perfect way to enhance comfort. ILP carries Wheelchair cushions-gel and foam, Leg wedges, Foam Pillows, Invalid Rings, and many other type of products. Please call if you have any questions about the variety of items ILP can assist you with.

Mobility Aids

Mobility aids can assist an individual with the independence they need to remain in their choice of surroundings. These items give a sense of security and safety to the individual. ILP can assist with Basic Walkers, Rollators, Wheelchairs, Quads and low vision canes, Transport chairs, and other assistive aids. Call if you’d like to know more about any of these products.

Incontinence Products

ILP offers samples of Tranquility incontinence products for your convenience including pull-ups, tapes, inserts, and bed/chair pads.

Telephone and Communication Devices

Our Large Button Phones, Alarm clocks, Video Doorphones, Telephone amplifiers, Listen-Up device, and Bed shakers are unique items that make living independently much easier for low vision and hearing impaired individuals. Call us to find out about other products we carry designed specifically for your personal need.

Items for the Home

A selection of shower chairs, bath grab bars, commode chairs, and transfer benches are all items necessary for safety and ease. ILP is proud to offer quality products at reasonable expense.

A different grip on the utensil handle can make life so much easier. ILP has special high side bowls, plate dividers, and so many other household items that can make cooking, cleaning, and other activities easier.


Gifts, Games, and Fun Stuff

Don’t miss out on your favorite ‘Fun Stuff’! All you need is a little adaptation made. We have Large print crossword and word search puzzle books, Colored playing cards, Large print playing cards, Easy to read Dice and so much more.

First Aid and Health

Our First Aid and Health is where you can find any of your ‘non-emergency’ daily aid items. Bandages, Gauze pads, Lotions, Braces, Diabetic supplies, and more are available at Independent Living Products.


Now you can enjoy our unique selection of watches for men and women including Talking, Braille, Vibrating, and Large face. Our selection changes periodically so check out the store for newer items.

Low Vision

Magnifiers can be a vital part of our life. Independent Living Products offers quality Schweitzer magnifiers along with more unique magnifiers. Page magnifiers are often helpful when reading the newspaper. You can even wear a fashionable magnifier on a gold chain around your neck. It’s a great option for card players or just if you need a stylish necklace.

Large print cookbooks, Personal journals, and Checkbook registers can make life more enjoyable and help keep us independent. Be sure to stop by Independent Living Products for all the latest in technology for vision impairments.